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The Definitive Guide to Daycare

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents participate in classroom activities in the classroom?

Parents should always be welcomed to participate in activities in their child's classroom.

Should a classroom schedule be posted?

Yes, classroom schedules should always be posted with scheduled times of activities.

What is the latest time to bring my child into the classroom?

It depends on the day and the classroom policy. Please Ask!

What is the primary language spoken in the Daycare?

In most Daycares the primary language is English.

What if my child does not speak English?

The teacher should ask you to bring a list of words they can speak to your child until your child can begin to understand the English language.

Does the Daycare celebrate the many diverse cultural holidays?

It depends on the Daycare...But, they should be able to celebrate and accommodate many cultural holidays.

What is the Child to Staff Ratio in the Daycare?

Keep in mind, the ratio varies from state to state and the ages of the children in the classroom. In N.Y. State this is an example of the correct ratio as of 2013.

Infants1 - 11 months14
Toddlers1 - 2 years16
Preschool3 - 4 years110
5 & Up115

What is the Staff turnover rate?

The turnover rate of staff is important. If it is high (Someone quits just about every six months) it usually means that the staff is not doing what they were hired to do...or that there references did not pan out! PLEASE, Do Not be afraid to ask. This figure will definitely impact the learning environment your child will be exposed to.

What procedures are in place in case your child has an accident?

Check that the daycare has an accident policy.
Note: Make sure you know the proximity of nearby Hospitals or Clinics.

Are the Teachers First Aid/CPR Certified?

There should be at least one or two teachers certified in First Aid/CPR in each classroom. Note: In N.Y. State at least one teacher must be MAT (Medication Administrator Training) Certified. They are the only ones allowed to administer any necessary medications to a child. Not all states require this, so Please check yours.