Lovely Embrace

The Definitive Guide to Daycare


Observe these factors Carefully...

  1. Dress Code. Every Daycare should have a Dress Code for their staff. What is appropriate varies.

  2. Are Background Checks done?

  3. Are all staff Fingerprinted before employment?

  4. Are the references checked out and on file?

  5. A Staff that is First Aid/CPR Certified and Trained. Make sure all Certificates are on file and up to date.

  6. A Staff that is Trained for M.A.T. (Medical Administer Training). They are the only ones allowed to give your child meds when they get sick. Unless there is a nurse on Staff or on the premises. It varies from state to state.

  7. Check the Teacher to Student ratio. It varies from state to state.

  8. Check the turnover rate (Quitting or Firing) among staff. If it is high (1 or more every six months)... Something is not right.

  9. ...etc.!