Lovely Embrace

The Definitive Guide to Daycare

First Observation

What should you see when you take a tour of a potential daycare...

  1. Reception Area.

  2. Cameras.

  3. Daycare Permits.

  4. Posted Evacuation Plans.

  5. Fire Extinguishers.

  6. Exit Signs.

  7. A Second and/or Third Fire Exit.

  8. Separate Staff and Children bathrooms.

  9. Comfortable and Designated eating areas for the children.

  10. How and Where food is heated or cooled.

  11. Where food is stored.

  12. Place where the children sleep.

  13. Observe the places where the children go outside and play.

  14. Make an observation on number of books are in the classrooms.

  15. ...Etc.!