Lovely Embrace

The Definitive Guide to Daycare


As they say Location, Location, Location...It could make or break a business. This is a very important factor in determining your comfort zone when it comes to the care of your child.

Is the Daycare...

  1. By a Pier (Very Scenic, but is it safe, and is the Daycare susceptible to flooding)?

  2. In a Mall.

  3. In an apartment or a house.

  4. A storefront Daycare.

  5. Is it close to a highway or various forms of transportation. The day your car breaks down or you are snowbound, or in a middle of a heatwave you'll understand it's importance.

  6. Handicap Accessible.

  7. Are there places to put strollers.

  8. How is the parking situation. Does it have it's own parking side entrance or do you have to double park run in and risk getting a ticket every time you drop your child off.

  9. It is very important to know the proximity of any Hospitals or Clinics nearby.

  10. ...etc.!